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Lesbian Love

Passion Flowers

by KMH

I unlocked my office door and slipped in quiet as a mouse, but woke up Mira anyway. She was pretty, her blonde hair tousled across her face in that sleepy innocent way women have.

"Hello, doll," I said.

Yawning, she rubbed her eyes and sat up on the divan. "Ed, you promised me you wouldn't go looking for new business. You just got out of the hospital today. Okay, I'm only a secretary, but if you die I'll have to find a new job, and this is New Orleans in summer. Those sidewalks are hot and nobody's hiring."

I collapsed my big frame in the cracked leather chair behind my desk, absently fingering the tender knife wound in my side. "I'm not looking for new business, doll. I'm trying to clear up old business."

Lesbian Girls from SapphicMira walked up to me, her fine breasts jiggling softly under her white cotton blouse. I vaguely remembered a time when I would have taken her in my arms and pulled her hard against me until those perfumed breasts were smashed against me. But that was before I was cut up a couple of weeks ago and almost died from the broken blade left inside me. I had always prided myself on my physical and athletic ability to get myself out of trouble. The knife wound had made me question a lot of things about myself, including my sexual libido and my confidence.

Mira put her hand on my groin and squeezed. "Sorry, doll," I said, "but I'm beat. It's been a long day."

Mira's face became very serious. "Ed, you're pushing yourself past human limits. Your last case took a bad turn and blew up in your face. You were lucky to get out of there alive." She sighed. "But I also know the kind of man you are." Her head cocked as we heard the crunch of tires on the gravel driveway outside. "That's why I invited Ada to come for an interview," she said. "I've got to get_you_back in top physical and mental condition. Otherwise, you won't have a proverbial snowball's chance if you're determined to go back to work."

I got up to look from our second story window. A slim eighteen year old redheaded girl was stepping out of a taxi, half-hidden bythe wide green leaves of a banana tree. Ada looked a lot healthier than the last time I saw her in that extreme sexual Cabaret, the same night I had been taken out of action.

"Where did you find her, Mira?" I whispered. I had spent a whole day trying to run Ada down using my own contacts and come up empty.

"She came to visit you at the hospital. You were so out of it you probably don't remember. We got to talking and... well, she wants to thank you for saving her life, and I want to get back the old Ed I used to know -- and still love."

Lesbians KissingWhile I stared quizzically Mira opened the interoffice door and welcomed Ada inside with a hug. Like I said, Ada looked much better than the last time I had seen her. Her long, straight black hair would make a silkworm give up trying to spin anything more beautiful or more lustrous. Her brown eyes had thick lashes and her body was willowy with long slim legs and small lesbians breasts riding firm and high on her chest. She approached me and threw her perfumed arms around my neck.

"Oh, Mr. Dane," her warm breath tickled my ear, "I prayed every night for you. When Mira phoned and said you were coming home today I simply broke down and cried."

I admit she felt good in my arms. Her waist was tiny and her body deliciously hard under the yellow dress. My hand dropped along her back. She wasn't wearing underwear.

"I didn't know it was that hot outside, but it's getting hotter in here," I joked. Ada lowered her arms and stepped back so I could have a better look. I took a long one.

"I think he's feeling better already, Mira," she laughed.

Mira sat on the divan, playing with the black buttons of her blouse. Her skirt was hiked above her knees, past the point of modesty even for New Orleans in 1954.

"We can only hope," Mira said in a throaty voice. "Ada, Ed wants to question you about the people you knew in that private Cabaret. He's got scores to settle and frankly who can blame him? But first, I think we should make him earn that information." She licked her lips. "In a rather big way."

Ada kept looking at me, her brown eyes glittering. "I think so, Mira. You see, this big man rescued me from a living horror. Can you imagine what that does to a woman's sexual desire, to have a good looking man break down doors to save her life -- the life of someone he didn't even know at the time? It builds a fire in her heart. She wants to spread herself open for him. She wants to dissolve into tears and gasps of ecstasy in the muscled arms of such a man."

"Then let's make him earn it." Mira opened her blouse. Her fine large tits strained against the lace of her pink bra. She reclined on the divan, one foot on the hardwood floor; the other held up in the air with her other hand to present me with a nice peek of her lesbian pussy bush safely nestled between her white thighs. Mira wordlessly untied a slip knot at her shoulder and her yellow dress pooled like lemon peels around her brown ankles. She kicked off her shoes and turned around so I could inspect her slim body from every available angle.

"You like?" she asked.

"I like," I answered, my voice hoarse.

Mira laughed throatily. "Let's see how much he likes, Ada." She held out her arms and the young redeheaded girl rushed towards Mira. They kissed like lesbians, softly, searching each other out, learning their individual tastes, the feel of their deep kissing. Ada's small breasts were lost in the satin pillows of Mira's larger ones, but the scene was no less exciting. It was all very erotic and sapphic in nature. Their hands mutually explored their bodies, searching and gently probing. Ada slipped two brown fingers inside Mira's labia and opened her pussy, simultaneously rubbing her clit with the ball of her thumb.

She removed her fingers, slick with Mira's lubricating juices, and wiped them on her swollen pussy lips. Mira licked Ada's fingers clean with a pink tongue. Their mouths met in a French kiss that deepened with passion. Mira's eyes were tightly closed, a single tear rolling from the corner of one eye down her flushed face. Ada freed Mira's breasts from the pink bra and laved her plum-colored nipples with her mouth. She sucked one big nipple between her white teeth, caught it, and pulled the tender flesh taut. Mira gasped, her eyes screwed up in a delightful mixture of pleasure and pain.

I stood watching these two sexually starved women go at each other, ravenous for each other. Rarely had I witnessed two human beings so hungry for sex and sexual relief. And the mix of the skin tones, creamy white and butter brown, made for an aesthetic tableau that stirred my cock for the first time in weeks since I had received that shiv under the ribs.

Mira was stronger than Ada and proved it. She caught the smaller woman's wrists and rolled her underneath her big American body. Mira kissed Ada's small brown nipples and trailed her tongue between her round breasts, down her flat stomach, and into the sparse thatch between her legs. Mira used her fingers to spread Ada apart, providing a good deep look at the inner pinkness and tiny bud of flesh peeking from its protective hood.

Mira flicked the tip of her tongue down Ada's dripping slit; the little redheaded girl moaned and shuddered with delight, one arm thrown across her eyes. My secretary slowly worked her tongue deeper into Ada's slit, playing with her puckered asshole with her free hand. Ada groaned, an animal sound deep within her chest, and lifted her hips to meet Mira's probing tongue.

I had had enough. Despite the ceiling fan running overhead I was drenched with sweat. I shucked my shirt, pants, and shorts and was somewhat frankly amazed how my cock was standing so hard and tall. I caught a glimpse of my body in a mirror: a canvas of thin white scars from other cases, and the ugly red weal along my right side. It didn't matter. All that mattered were the two women in front of me, and Mira pulling her labia apart so I could see her pink inviting wetness, and Ada's rapid shallow breathing that kept time to the quick beat of my own heart. I knelt beside Mira, took her head in my hands and kissed her, hard. I crushed her lips against her teeth, wanting to bruise them and make them swollen the way we both liked. She made a small happy noise in her throat and gave me her tongue. When we broke the kiss she licked my chin and jerked her head towards the tiny innocent opening she was spreading with her fingers.

"She tastes swell, Ed."

I inhaled the musky fragrance of Ada's slick pussy oil. Drops had trickled down the red satin petals of her slit to wet her asshole.

I pushed a finger inside Ada. Her tight pussy lips gripped like wet velvet. She was cock-starved. I began to lick her vulva, working my tongue across the inner folds of her vagina. Mira knelt beside me and our tongues often found each other as we licked and tasted that gaping pussy. Ada cried out twice, softly.

Mira showed me a white thread of mucous flowing from Ada's pulsing cunt.

"Whey," I said. "Female come. You felt her body jerk and quake as we tasted her."

Mira licked the white female fuck from her fingers, and then offered me the remainder. I sucked her fingers clean and wiped Ada's pussy with my tongue. I had occasionally brought forth this ambrosia from Mira; nothing makes a man feel finer than causing his woman to drip her female come because of his attentions. Like a man's ejaculation, it's proof of a violent orgasm, one that shakes a woman to her core. Mira made a moue with her mouth. "I want to come next, Ed. I want her to eat me, and you take her from behind." She kissed Ada. "Take her, Ed. Fuck her like the woman she is. And she is a woman, isn't she? That means she was made to be fucked deep and hard by a strong man. Do it, Ed. My body is trembling I've got so much excitement pent up in my womb...I need it released and I want her tongue to do it." I picked Ada up, one arm around her shoulders, the other under her knees. She was a fragile doll in my arms, warm and submissive. I kissed her. Tendrils of her hair were being blown in charming disarray by the ceiling fan. My eyes narrowed as I looked at her.

"I'm going to fuck you very hard and brutal, Ada."

She laid her head against my chest, trembling gently. "I know, Ed," she whispered. "I know the kind of man you are. Only that kind of man would ever come into that place and rescue me the way you did." She reached down and grabbed my cock, squeezing with her strong fingers while Mira licked my balls. "I want to give myself to you, Ed. I beg you to take me any way you want, as hard as you want, and as deep as you want. I'm yours to use."Deep Kissing Lesbian Friends

I put Ada down on top of Mira, her head between my secretary's legs. Ada immediately went to work. I straddled them both on the divan, the head of my cock poised to penetrate her wet pussy. Mira raised herself on her elbows so she could better suck my balls and slurp the pussy juice that would sheen my cock as it thrust inside Ada, deep enough to bang against the gate of her sperm-starved womb.

I hesitated. No, the only way to fully recuperate, the only way to completely rediscover the hard center of my soul that I needed if I was going to go back on the streets, wouldn't be found in Ada's pretty little cunt. It could only be found by something more extreme, an act of masculine domination that when unleashed, would dissolve Ada into a helpless, shuddering ball of female fuck. I decided to bust her tight ass. I wanted to feel her buck and writhe helplessly in my hands. Even more important, my cock wanted it. The head of my cock pressed against her puckered asshole. Mira laved warm saliva on my cock from below for lubrication. She knew what I was going for, and why. Ada screamed as I plunged deep into her tight pink ring: "It's too big, please get it out of me!"

I was about to accede to her wishes, thinking perhaps I was being too rough, but she reached around and grabbed my thighs so I couldn't slide out of her rectum. Taking her cue, I thrust my cock to the hilt, balls slapping against her swollen vulva. Her back twisted like a snake as she felt herself anally impaled. I slid out, keeping the thick turtle-head in her ass, and rammed it down inside her again. She took it deep, grunting, teeth clenched and face twisted. Ada raked my legs with her nails as I nailed her ass, a mindless animal wanting to subdue and control a submissive slut with his cock.

Ada dropped her head to suck her lesbian friend's clit. Mira's soft white body writhed madly under our combined weight; she was coming fast. I gripped Ada's heart-shaped ass between my hands and thrust with all of my masculine strength. The hot thick sperm shot deep inside her bowels, splashing the red and torn walls of her straining rectum. She screamed for mercy. With an orgasmic shout of relief I collapsed, my cock slipping out of Ada's open anus with a slight plop. She was weeping slightly; the anal lesbian intercourse had been fairly brutal, but she had met me stroke for stroke, grinding her ass back towards me so she could experience every sensual inch. Mira took her in her arms, kissed her. "Squat over me, honey," she begged. Ada did so. Mira greedily sucked my hot raw sperm from Ada's bruised and inflamed rectum. When she swallowed she licked her lips and both women fell back into each other's arms, exhausted. We lay there catching caught our breaths. The girls played with my cock and balls, kissed my nipples, and ran their fingers through my chest hair while licking the side of my face like little kittens. Pussy kittens.

"Feel better, Ed?" Mira asked.

I kissed her, then Ada, too. "How long have you girls planned this escapade?"

Mira grinned. "Since last week. When I came to visit you in the hospital I tried to get you interested in sex. I knew it wasn't me as much as how you felt you had let yourself down by getting hurt on your last case. I went to Ada about it. She was willing to do anything to help because of how you helped save her earlier."

The girls snuggled deeper in my arms. "There are women in your life who want you back, Ed," Ada said seriously. "Two of them are right here. Your little fuck nurses."

I asked Ada about the Cabaret she had worked in. Even though I had smashed that sex ring I wanted to know more about who was behind it, and why. She didn't know much except the name of one of the women I had seen there, an attractive and tall brunette with loose tits under a silver evening gown. Ada said her name was Natasha. We fell asleep, the ceiling fan whipping alternating bars of light and shadow over our sweaty bodies. Mira and Ada lay drowned in sleep, their arms and bodies entwined and shadowed like nocturnal passion flowers. As night fell, I slipped out from between them, kissed them softly so as not to wake them, and quietly dressed. I unlocked the bottom drawer of my desk and removed a hammerless Browning and its chamois holster. The gun felt good beneath my armpit; the magazine was full. I threw on a jacket and went downstairs to the outside street.

Night falls fast in New Orleans. The moon was already out. The cobbled streets of the Vieux Carre were full of cars and the sidewalks thronged with laughing people going to the nightclubs. I shouldered my way through the happy crowd towards the grim work that lay ahead.

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Published on Friday 30 June, 2006.
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