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Men like girls having sex with other girls by Lesbo Launders

Dear Lesbo Launders,
why do men like to watch two girls having sex? From my lesbian point of view this doesn't make any sense... - Lez Understood.

Dear Needing Understanding,
You sound just like a confused young girl who doesn't understand why the boys look at Two blonde lesbians having sex by the poolher breasts and want to touch them, because it doesn't feel good for them. Well, the female body (as you probably know) was designed to be sexually attractive. The breasts aren't there to be suckled by a baby, but to get the attention of potential mates. The male body is designed to work, lift heavy things, fight, go to war, all the un-fun activities of life. This is why even women who aren't lesbians are attracted to women (if you want to see proof of this just go to any magazine stand and look at the cleavage bearing models who grace women's magazines).

So, traditional pornography presents a problem for men: it is arousing because it is a video of people fucking. But, half of the people fucking are gross, hairy men. Even if the act of sex is a turn on, the mere sight of a Blonde pussy lesbians soft to the touchhairy man is enough to put a chill on the otherwise hot scene. So, enter the two girls making love with each other: the arousal factor of breasts and pussy without the gross man.
And there is also an added bonus for men who like to watch hot lesbians doing it on video: they let their imagination wander so that they as well become a part of the scene. "Two hot girls kissing! Let me put myself in between them to make a love sandwich". A variation on this theme can actually be seen when men get really turned on watching two women in a cat fight. They just imagine that all that rolling around on the ground turns into kissing and then they step in. . .to well, umm. . .  to make a love sandwich.

Men and women have very different sexual imagination capacities. Women need soft Hot lesbians making after pool afternoonlighting, attractive bodies and men. . . Well, let's just say they can get by with much less. They are able to bend reality to fit their fantasies, searching out the positive of the situation and focusing in on it.

But enough about men! (Eww, boy coodies!) What is important to keep in mind as you go about your fabulous lesbian life, that mere displays of affection with another woman in public awaken the interest of most men.

Therefore, when giving a public display of affection with your honey, if you see a man staring at you on approaching you, stare him down with a look that says "hands off buster! This chick is for me!" Or, deal with the constant invitations for threesomes.
And remember, kissing your chick with lots of tongue and groping is just giving those men free porn.

So ladies, keep the heavy petting at home and tell them the best lesbo porn is at

To understand why men like to watch lesbians having sex, you need to get inside the head of a man...
-Lesbo Launders

Published on Thursday 03 August, 2006.
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